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Crossover Reggae Hit Singles

Samantha Rogers
Reader's Digest

For over 45 years Charley E. Cross a singer, songwriter, musician and producer has been compiling the Crossover Reggae Hit Singles Book.
It catalogs the entire history of reggaes international accomplishment on both the British and American charts, and it’s interactive.

Researched, Compiled & Documented By:
Charley The Researcher Cross A.K.A. Chawlih Crux

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About Me

About Me

Chawlih Crux

MassCharley Flagship is set out on a mission to make and promote music that stirs up feelings, creates an atmospheric vibe, and makes you feel an array of emotions amidst a moving soundscape of timeless Reggae and Rap.

It caters to Music, Language and British and American Singles and Album Charts Research a ...

Song Of the Week

Millie Small – Queen of Ska
(6th October 1947 – 5th May 2020)

Her Last Ever Interview
– Charley E.Cross