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About Me

About Me

Chawlih Crux

MassCharley Flagship is set out on a mission to make and promote music that stirs up feelings, creates an atmospheric vibe, and makes you feel an array of emotions amidst a moving soundscape of timeless Reggae and Rap.

It caters to Music, Language and British and American Singles and Album Charts Research and Compilation.

Ceo & Founder of Mass Charley LLC; Charley E. Cross also known as Chawlih Crux is a UMG/CKMG recording artist, singer, songwriter, musician, producer and a multi instrumentalist both physically and vocally. He even created his own vocal and drums genre known as Reggaepella.

Chawlih began humming music since he was a baby and also singing too. He would cry to go to church on Sundays when the rain falls so he could sing. He joined his father in London in his mid teens where he attended singing school. After singing school he formed a band named Jimmy Mack and he went on the road . He also jammed with Otis Redding at the Ram Jam Club in Brixton when he was a youth, Matumbi, Nick Streaker, Dennis Bovell and many others during his time on the road in London.

He met Millie while busking @Marble Arch Underground and subsequently wrote and produced two songs for her. He also produced for Audrey Hall, who had two British hit singles in the eighties. Chawlih learned to play bass, drums, guitar and keyboard but decided in 2012 to concentrate on his own genre namely- ReggaePella. To create ReggaePella “riddim” he used only drums and vocals to make a track. Most recordings by Chawlih Crux consist of only Vocals and Drums.


Ubering by Chawlih Crux

Our Mission


Our mission at Mass Charley is to nurture and care for the artists and community as a whole and support them in creating and promoting their music.

Our Vision


To us, music is a sacred, artistic, and uniquely human expression, and the discrimination arising from systematic racism serves only to limit and oppress that expressive ability.

Our Values


We believe in music’s ability to transcend division, foster innovation, and create joy for a world in need of empathy and constructive growth.

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