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Chawlih Crux

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Chawlih Crux

  • Birthday :
    18 Apr 1947
  • Birth Place :
  • Genres :
    Regae, Rap, ReggaePella
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About singer

Charley E. Cross (born April 18, 1947), known professionally around the globe as Mass Charley, Chawlih and or Chawlih Crux (The Researcher) is a versatile Jamaican singer, deejay, songwriter, a multi-physical instrumentalist and a multivocal instrumentalist who makes music without using any instrument except drums or a drummer. Born and raised in the salubrious plains of James Hill, Clarendon, Jamaica. He immigrated to the UK at age 17 where he attended the Maurice Burman School of pop singing and have appeared on the same stage @ Alexandrea Palace (late 60’s) with some of the world’s largest acts which includes: Rolling Stones, Queen, the Who, but insist that Otis Redding invited him on stage at the Ram Jam Club, Brixton, London to help him sing Mr Pittyfull was the greatest thing. But then halfway through the song he says that Otis Redding took away the mike saying Chawlih is trying to steal his show jokingly of course. After forming several bands using his stage name (Jimmy Mack) and no major success he abandoned going on the road that was in (1979.) In that same year Chawlih became a freelancer researcher and compiler of British & American Crossover Reggae Hit Singles Book© from 1964-2012. He also wrote the book Speak & Write Jamaican, available @Amazon, Kindle and Walmart. “

“After playing drums, bass, guitar and keyboard for or over 20 years and doing mostly backup vocals at Studio One records for 15 years.
He realizes that there’s not enough time to be as successful as the riddim twins Sly and Robbie so he began concentrating mainly on developing his own new reggae genres now widely known as- ReggaePella© and also his latest development “New Wave Reggae” beats which can be heard on the album “Main Chance.” Chawlih Crux recorded his first ReggaePella© single Wi Selebraytin in 2012 to mark Jamaica 50th year of Independence from Great Britain and it was mentioned in the Jamaica Observer, where he was compared to 10-time Grammy winner- Don’t worry be happy Superstar- Bobby McFerrin, remember that song? Chawlih have now mastered the craft of making riddim tracks vocally and he has recorded approximately 100 ReggaePella songs for future releases and he will show us how he used his vocals to create bass, guitar and keyboard sounds. He will also make ska, rocksteady, dancehall, soca and r&b with only drums and vocals

Chawlih used his vocals and just one guitar to make the single We Ubering, for the record: Chawlih wrote and produced- Oh My Suga Plum, the last single Millie Small recorded in 1986 and he also produced and co-wrote Audrey Hall’s prevailing single: Moving Up Again and Michelle Smith’s ensuing single Getty Getty.


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